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As the desire for a good craft beer grows in Music City, Craft Brewed offers a new option for beer lovers. We specialize in unique, rare, and local craft beers; with both bottles and 42 offerings on draft.  With on-and off-premise consumption offered, one has the unique experience to taste before committing to a 64 ounce growler fill. You can also stick around and enjoy a pint or two. Where else can you drink a beer while you shop for beer? In addition to a great selection of craft beer, Craft Brewed also caters to Nashville’s home brewers with a variety of base malts, specialty grains, malt extracts, hops, yeast, kits, and equipment. In addition to supplies for the beginner to advanced home brewer Craft Brewed also offers introductory classes for those interested in learning how to home brew.


 High-gravity beers, Wines, and Craft Spirits Too!

Our adjacent bottle shop offers the best curated selection of high-gravity beers in the state.  With too many bottles to count and 10 high-gravity taps we’re confident you won’t leave thirsty.  Don’t forget to bring your growlers.  

A fan of whiskey and other distilled libations are you?   We’ve curated a fine selection of the best small-batch and craft spirits.  We’ve got wine, too!  

Confused about who we are and what we do?  Stop by.  It’s easier to show than tell.  

where to get beer

Craft Brewed, LLC

2502 Franklin Pike

Nashville, TN 37204

Phone: 615.873.1992

Open 7 days a week.

Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 12-6pm.

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This is my first time here. What do I do?

Have a delicious pint or flight  of seven draught craft beer or chose a beverage from our single bottles selection.  Fill your growlers or grab a Pick 6 or other bottles to go.  Have a sit in our beer garden or on our front porch. Pick up a second carboy or get some grains for your next batch in our homebrew shop. Have lunch and play darts in our smoke-free dart room, all while drinking a craft brew.  Before you leave, troll over to the high gravity side, where you can find small batch spirits, more beer, and wine to bring home.


What are you going to do about parking/Can I park at Cashville?

We have a luxurious parking lot behind our building, accessible via the alley off of Inverness Ave. This lot affords spectacular views of Music City and the Craft Brewed Secret Beer Garden. The future violin shop just south of us shares the lot, so you can get there from their driveway too.  Cashville really does not want our customers parking in their lot at any time, and they will have your car towed.


What can I get to eat around here?

We don’t serve food at the moment, but help yourself to whatever is in the fridge.  You can also bring in any outside food from your own kitchen or a local restaurant.  Some restaurants will even deliver .  What better venue to have a beer food-themed potluck with friends!  We try to have food trucks in our parking lot as often as we can, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


Is that a mirror?

Nope, that’s a window revealing our high-gravity wines, spirits, and beers or our tap room and bottle shop, depending on where you’re standing.  Tennessee law says that anything over 6.3% ABV is liquor, and we currently don’t have a license to sell liquor for on-premises consumption.  We do have a license for on-premises beer consumption (below 6.3% ABV), so not only can you fill your growler to go, you can also have a pint in our taproom.


Can I bring my beer next door?

Nope, thems against the rules.  We’re happy to keep an eye on your beer if you can’t wait to peruse our excellent high-gravity selection.


Can I brown bag my ‘shine from next door and bring it over here?

Thems against the rules too.  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t drink liquor here.


Can I bring my kids in?

Yes!  We are a family-friendly establishment, so bring the kiddies on in.  Children under 21 cannot be served alcohol, of course, but we do have kombucha, craft sodas, and other non-alcoholic beverages available.  We have pretzels and/or popcorn for them to snack on. Naughty children will be left to mature in any whiskey barrels that do not have bad customers in them already.


Can I bring my dog/well-behaved pet in?

We love non-human animals too, and they have the privilege, nay, the distinct honor, of being guardians of the patio thanks to the health department.  Pets cannot be served alcohol.


Do you fill anyone’s growler?

Yes.  As long as the growler is a growler and not a milk jug, we will fill it. We also sell our own Craft Brewed growlers in 64oz and 32oz sizes.  We even have 16oz growlers for those special beers you might not want to drink a lot of.  We’ve got stainless steel and several fun, glass shapes.


Can I go back there?

Yes!  That’s our homebrew supply shop, where we stock all the ingredients and equipment you need to brew your own delicious beer at home.  We sell a wide variety of bulk grains, hops, extracts, and yeast.  We’ve also got beginner kits with everything you need to get going on your first batch in addition to to equipment  for the seasoned brewer.   We also offer an array of homebrew classes.  Sign up for one here


Do you guys sell kegs?

Yes, we have kegs of delicious craft beer for sale.  Just let us know when you’ll need it and what type of beer you’re looking for, and we can let you know what’s available.  Several days advance notice is best as inventories change frequently.  We’ve got you covered on the taps, buckets, and heavy lifting.  

If you meant an empty keg for your kegerator at home, yes, we have those too!


Do you guys do private events?

We frequently host semi-private events.  Whether you need a spot for your monthly board meeting, your stitch & bitch, or your friend’s surprise birthday party, we are happy to make arrangements for you to do a special tasting our to use homebrew shop, patio, or beer garden as a gathering place for your party.  


What’s with the doll head?  It’s creepy.

That’s Creepy Doll’s head.

How do I get that rare bottle of whiskey or that one-off beer I’ve been hearing about?

Looking to score that bottle of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 yr Bourbon or the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout?  Not so fast.  It’s pretty simple though.  Here is our advice: be on a first name basis with the guys and the gals at the shop,  visit frequently (see step one),  loyally spend your money at Craft Brewed (you don’t have to spend a fortune, but exclusively showing us your love will greatly increase your chances of getting the good stuff), and be a Craft Brewed ambassador (tell your friends, family, pets, unborn children about us-better yet, bring them to us!)