Home Brewing 101 Dec 9th at 6pm


Home Brewing 101 Dec 9th at 6pm 00010
Home Brewing
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Cost: $30
Duration: 3–3.5 hrs.
Skill Level: Novice–Beginner



Our experienced staff is happy to provide this hands-on workshop that takes you through the entire process of brewing beer. Utilizing a partial mash recipe, you'll learn the basics of steeping grain, boiling wort, keeping yeast happy, sanitization, fermentation, bottling, conditioning, and ingredient selection.  When you leave, you'll know how to brew an excellent 5-gallon batch of beer in your own home.

Who should learn to brew?: Beer lovers, crafty DIY types, nerds, science geeks, stay at home parents, people who want a pet to take care of but are afraid of emotionally affecting other beings, zymurgists, dexterous cats

Must be 21 to enter

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Tuesday, Dec 9th at 6pm (0)
Home Brewing 101 Dec 9th at 6pm